Application and processing time for certificate of sponsorship

certificate of sponsorship

The Skilled worker visa offers  the most lucrative opportunity to work in the UK. However, to get the right job, you need a Home Office approved sponsor licence employer who can offer a genuine job with Certificate of sponsorship.

The type certificate of sponsorship you will be assigned will depend upon your job role and pay threshold offered by the UK employer.

There are two types of CoS or Certificate of sponsorship

  1. Defined Cos
  2. Undefined CoS

In this article we will discuss the processing time for each type of CoS assigned.

Undefined Certificate of Sponsorship

The employer awards the person a ‘Undefined’ CoS from the annual CoS allotment if they will be seeking permission to stay from within the UK. If the employers do not have enough CoS left to sponsor the worker, you can seek to have your allotment increased.

The application processing time for the undefined Certificate of sponsorship is usually 3 weeks.

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Missing the deadlines?

There’s no need to be concerned. If the need arises, sponsors can request more undefined CoS at any point during the year. UKVI is processing applications efficiently in general.

Defined certificates of sponsorship

The UK employer will assign a defined CoS to those workers who they are sponsoring to come to the UK and work. The allocated quota of CoS is fixed for every employer per year. If the employer assigns undefined CoS to an overseas worker who was to be assigned a defined CoS, then the sponsor licence of the UK employer will be revoked.

Certificate of sponsorship must not be issued before 3 months, if so happens, then the Home Office will reject the application.

The fee for Certificate of Sponsorship is £199.

If you are a B-rated Sponsor licence holder or your sponsor licence is suspended, then you won’t be able to assign a defined CoS.

Using your sponsorship management system (SMS) account, you apply for a Defined CoS. Only a Level 1 user can submit the application. There are no extra charges apart from the standard CoS fee.

The UK Home Office will generally decide your application for a Defined CoS within one working day if it is uncomplicated and does not require any additional information.

When can your defined CoS application be rejected?

The Home will immediately reject your defined CoS application if

  • They have a reason to suspect you chose an improper occupation code for the function
  • The application would not be qualified for 20 tradeable points for salary
  • The Home Office have reason to believe the job is not genuine or amounts to the hire of the worker to a third party
  • The application does not meet skilled worker route criteria
  • The Home office has grounds to believe you provided incorrect or misleading information in your application, we will decline your application and may take action against you.

When can you assign the CoS?

Once your application is approved you will have 3 months time to assign it to a worker you are sponsoring. If you fail to assign CoS within three months from approval, it will automatically be removed from the SMS (Sponsorship Management System) account.

After you’ve given a worker the CoS, they’ll have three months to utilise it to support an application for entry clearance or permission to stay. If they do not use it within this time frame, it will become invalid, and any application that relies on it will almost certainly be refused.

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