Top Advantages of a Prenatal Massage

Elijah Mcclain

Pregnant women seeking relief from sore muscles and swollen joints should consider going for a prenatal massage. Earlier, Elijah Mcclain had spoken about how such massages are designed to help pregnant women feel more comfortable, and can soothe any pains and aches they may have. Prenatal or pregnancy massage is a bit different from a regular massage, especially in terms of positioning and using gentler strokes.

There are many advantages of a prenatal massage, including:

  • Reduce swelling: In case the hands, legs and feet of a woman start swelling during pregnancy, there is a chance that such issues are caused by increased pressure on the major blood vessels and reduced circulation. A massage can help stimulate the soft tissue, thereby moving the extra fluid and reducing the swelling. This would make a pregnant woman feel more comfortable.
  • Boosts blood circulation: Prenatal massage can get the blood circulation moving which is advantageous both for a woman and their baby. Increased circulation implies that nutrients and oxygen are moving around more freely and can go wherever required. This can help make sure that the baby is getting the needed nutrients for their development.
  • Reduces pregnancy headaches: Hormones can cause a number of upsetting symptoms during a pregnancy, headaches being one of them. Prenatal massages can go a long way in lowering the frequency and severity of such headaches, as long as a pregnant woman is also getting enough sleep and drinking a good amount of water.
  • Relieve lower back pain: Massage therapy during pregnancy can effectively alleviate lower back discomfort, including sciatic nerve pain, by targeting tense muscles in the affected region. This type of massage enhances blood circulation and facilitates the release of tension that commonly arises during pregnancy.
  • Improves sleep: As a pregnancy advances, achieving restful sleep becomes increasingly challenging for a woman. Prenatal massage can help in calming the nervous system and triggering the release of positive hormones, promoting a state of relaxation that improves sleep quality. This is particularly beneficial during pregnancy, when adequate rest is essential for overall well-being.
  • Prepare the body for labor and birth: Prenatal massage may help women to have an easier delivery, by lowering their stress levels, as well as keeping the muscles toned and relaxed before the start of labor.
  • Improvement of nerve pain: During late pregnancy, numerous women encounter sciatic nerve pain due to the uterus exerting pressure on muscles in the pelvic floor and lower back. This pressure transmits tension to muscles in the upper and lower legs, leading to swelling and subsequent pressure on adjacent nerves. Prenatal massage often addresses the inflamed nerves by helping to release the tension in nearby muscles.

Earlier, Elijah Mcclain had mentioned that massage during pregnancy would be performed in a position that is most comfortable for the mother-to-be. These massages also tend to avoid the use of any oils that are not recommended during pregnancy. Massage to specific parts of the body can be avoided as well, like putting pressure points on the abdomen.

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