A Handy Guide to Record Cloud Computing Podcast on Mac

A Handy Guide to Record Cloud Computing Podcast on Mac

Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the buzzwords in the modern IT scene. If you are an IT professional, you must upgrade your knowledge about cloud to level up your chances in the job market. Cloud computing podcasts are a great resource to enhance your cloud skills. Many online channels often broadcast live cloud computing podcast by tech experts. But what if you can’t catch the program live due to your packed schedule? Well, then, you have to record the streaming podcast on your Mac. But, how to record audio on Mac? It’s to stress here there are audio recording software programs today that will enable you to record streaming audio easily. This way, you can record the program live and then check it out anytime when you are free. If you want suggestions, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will be an amazing option. The recoding program not only assures easy recording but also helps with audio editing.

The post below offers a breezy guide on recording streaming cloud computing podcast on Mac with an audio recording software.

Install the audio recording software

First, you will have to download & install the audio recording software in your Mac. You will get installation instructions from the program manual only.

Then, click on “Record Screen”. It will help you to capture the streaming audio as well as audio on microphone. 

Adjust capture settings

When you will click on “Record screen”, a window will come up with recording frame. Then, go to System Audio tab. Turn it on as otherwise you won’t be able to get the audio. If you want to capture something on your microphone, you have to turn on the microphone tab as well. It could be that you wish to share the recorded podcast to your juniors in office. In that case, you may want to put your own inputs as well along with the podcast. And, you will need the microphone here.

Record the podcast

Now, we have reached at the main stage of our recording process as this is where we will record the podcast. Look for the “REC” tab and click on it. Then, play the live podcast. After the recording is over, you will have to click on the “Stop” tab to complete the process.

Next, a preview screen will come up where you will be able to adjust the recording length before you save it. Look for “Save as” tab and click on it. It’s better to save the file in MP3 version. Your recording program will enable you to choose the media version before you save the file. Then, you will simply hit on the “Save” button.

In case, you have to make some adjustments to the audio file, you can edit it via the program. Look for a tab like “Open in Editor” and click on it. It will help you to access various editing tool to alter the tempo or remove noise and so on. You will even be able to convert the file in any audio version you like. Finally, click on “Start”. The recording program will convert your audio and save it in its library.

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