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Wireless Cameras for Easy Surveillance

Wireless Cameras for Easy Surveillance

Surveillance for our homes and private property is a feat easier than before. What do we mean by that? Well, when it comes to regular surveillance tactics, what you would initially think about is alarm systems, motion sensors and installing security cameras. While these are all great ways to ensure the security of your home or private property, they still lack efficiency when compared to their smart counterparts.

What do we mean by smart counterparts? Regular devices now seem to have smarter versions that are generally referred to as Smart Devices. Smart Devices are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices that are accessible through their associated mobile apps or through voice enabled command should they be connected to a voice assistant. So when it comes down to surveillance, there are 2 devices that we would like to bring to your attention. They are both wireless cameras that allow for around the clock security, directly from your mobile devices. Here’s what you need to know.

Wireless Cameras for Surveillance Purposes

  1. Video Doorbells

Wireless doorbells with video are quite convenient to install at your front door. How are they any different from the regular video intercom that you may already have installed? Regular video intercoms allow for you to answer the door and see whose outside from a device installed inside your home. It usually has a button that is connected to the front door/gate lock to easily open it so that you don’t have to walk up and do it yourself.

But how is a wireless video doorbell better than that? For starters: wireless. A wireless device is super easy to install – no wires, no professional help needed, just set up the mounting plate and place the device onto it. All that’s left is setting up the device through the associated mobile app. Video Doorbells are essentially smart devices that connect to the home Wi-Fi, and through the mobile app allow for you to answer the door if the bell rings – that means see whoever is at the door, and speak to them as well!

Here’s something more. Anytime the bell rings, the video doorbell sends in real time alerts to your mobile device to grab your attention. So even if you aren’t home, you can answer without letting on the fact that you’re away. Even so, if someone doesn’t ring the bell, most Video Doorbells have built in motion sensors that can pick up on someone’s presence even if it means they don’t ring the bell – and send in alerts for that too. But most devices are known to differentiate between people, objects and animals, so it filters out alerts accordingly.

One of the most popular video doorbells in the market these days is the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) which retails for $179.99 at FirstEnergy Home.

  1. Smart Cameras

An upgrade from the regular surveillance cameras, Smart Cameras are probably going to be your new favorite – that too wireless cameras! How is it possible to have a wireless surveillance camera you ask? Well, you have baby monitors don’t you? In the same way Smart Cameras use a similar technology, but of course much more advanced than that of baby monitors.

Smart Cameras work similarly to smart Video Doorbells but here’s the thing about wireless Smart Cams: they can be placed pretty much anywhere! Indoors, outdoors – hidden between books on a shelf, or out on the bench in the garden so you can watch over the children playing while you’re busy in the kitchen. And don’t worry, smart cameras are usually weather-proof so that they may stream an uninterrupted video footage. They don’t require any professional installation, or a specific mount to place them onto. Carry the camera with you from room to room without having to plug it in somewhere.

So how do you watch the surveillance video? Through the associated smartphone app directly from your phones, tablets or even laptops. What’s more is that the live video supports two way communication for people at both ends of the camera, and video footage in clear HD that also supports night vision. Definitely better than a regular surveillance camera right? But get this, Smart Cameras also feature motion sensors in some variants, so as to alert you to any movements detected while you’re away, and also a back-up for you to rewind and watch in case you wish to see what you missed out on.

Check out the Google Nest Cam for Indoors and Outdoors (Battery) retailing for $179.99 at FirstEnergy Home.

Wireless devices make it so much easier to use them. There is not hassle of installation, or having to call in a professional to set up the device either. It’s super easy to do so by yourselves. And when it comes to cameras and video doorbells, it’s easy to place them wherever you want, and take them to the next home should you plan on moving. You’ll find Video Doorbells and Smart Cameras, among many more smart devices on FirstEnergy Home. Head on over to their website today and browse through the Smart Home catalogue to see what they have in store.

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