How to attempt CAT mock test to score 100 percentile in the CAT exam?

How to attempt CAT mock test to score 100 percentile in the CAT exam?

Every CAT candidate begins his or her CAT MBA preparation with one goal in mind: to get admission to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Getting a flawless 100 percentile on the CAT test is not difficult if you know where to search.

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How to Get a Perfect Score in CAT Exam?

If you’re a first-time CAT  taker or a professional interested in taking the IIM admission test, read our article on “How to Score 100%ile in CAT .” CAT 100 percentilers, on the other hand, study in a different way than the rest of the class.In this article we will discuss, How to Score 100 Percentile in CAT exam. The Common Admission Test is regarded as one of India’s most difficult management admission tests. Every year, around 2 lakh people apply for the CAT in the hopes of getting into IIMs or other top B-Schools in India that recognise CAT results.

Major Preparation tips for a 100 Percentile Score

Candidates who want to take the CAT test must have comprehensive knowledge and thorough information about the number of questions answered, sections, time allocated, marking system, and other details, all of which must be acknowledged via the CAT  exam pattern. The essential preparation suggestions for getting a perfect score in CAT  are listed below and may be followed by both professionals and freshers.

Here are some of the best preparation tips for CAT exam.

  • First, learn the fundamentals.
  • Never Forget Mocks
  • Keep an eye on the correct attempt on the internet
  • Understand the CAT Normalization Process and respond appropriately.
  • Recognize the Meaning of Time Management

Learn the Fundamentals

The first computer-based CAT  was held on November 28. For the first several months of CAT  preparation, all candidates should concentrate on broadening their knowledge of different CAT themes.

The most basic need is concept clarity. Candidates should have several physical copies of the CAT  syllabus on hand while preparing and only progress according to it.

It is impossible to answer inquiries before one’s understanding of the issues is clear. Candidates may concentrate on areas where they believe they need to improve, and they should take the initiative to focus on and improve their preparation for weaker areas.

Never Forget Mocks

Every year, the IIMs produce Mock Tests for both excellent and poor vision applicants to imitate the real test ambience. Candidates may comprehend and access the degree of difficulty of the CAT entrance exam by taking CAT  sample tests.

Candidates should begin taking frequent mock exams (once a week) in April, according to CAT topper Lakshya Kumar, as one of the primary Preparation Tips to Get 100 Percentile.

After you’ve completed any fake exam, take some time to assess it and find out what went wrong, and then work on improving it using your CAT preparation method. If applicants want to know their present preparation level and how to get 100 percentile in CAT , nothing beats CAT mock tests.

In addition to practise exams, applicants should review CAT question papers from prior years. After finishing the curriculum, applicants should set aside time to try at least one paper every day, keeping speed and accuracy in mind.

Keep an Eye on Net Attempt that is correct

According to the CAT marking method, each right answer is worth three points, each unattempted question is for zero points, and each incorrect response is worth one point. There is no negative grading for TITA questions.

Understand the CAT Normalization Process and respond appropriately.

Every year, the CAT result is only announced after it has been normalised. As previously said, the CAT is the most expected test, with thousands of people registering for it. As a result, it is held in two sessions. IIMs have a CAT normalisation mechanism in place to guarantee accuracy and fairness in the performance of applicants taking the test. Candidates sitting the test should understand the normalisation procedure and feel assured that their scorecard is impartial and checked correctly by Indian Institute of Management without any discrepancies, as one of the Major Preparation Tips to Get 100 Percentile.

Recognize the Meaning of Time Management

Time management is just as crucial as the other three parts of the CAT entrance test. It’s not just about preparing for the three portions; it’s about preparing all three inside the allotted two hours. Candidates should strive to create a decent study time plan and split it into three portions each day in order to get productive and desired outcomes.

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