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What Are The Top Benefits Of Going Solar?

What Are The Top Benefits Of Going Solar?

Going solar is all the craze in many states, especially Florida, where sunshine is abundant. Solar energy is the only renewable energy source that produces zero emissions. While switching to solar is fantastic for the environment, there are many more benefits to getting a solar panel installation to your property. Let’s cover those below. 

One little fact about switching to solar is virtually zero maintenance and energy production costs. Since solar energy doesn’t need any external energy supply, it eliminates production costs. As far as maintenance goes, the panels should be cleaned once to twice a year, and that’s it. An added consideration is that going solar produces zero noise pollution as well! 

Solar panels are relatively easy to install, while it’s never recommended for someone with no experience to do so but rather to consult a professional; nonetheless, when compared to other construction projects such as roofing, solar panels are a far easier install. In addition, the flexibility of solar panels with their ability to move horizontally or vertically to capture the sun allows them to be placed almost anywhere. 

Perhaps the main benefit to going solar is the cost savings of becoming energy independent in the long run. The upfront cost of installing a solar panel system may be expensive, but it will save the average homeowners thousands of dollars, possibly tens of thousands throughout its life! 

Besides saving money, many homeowners are thrilled at the power companies’ energy independence they now have. Not only will the homeowner no longer be being charged at high rates they have no control over, but they also have security in case of blackouts and other power outages. In addition, in areas like Florida, prone to hurricanes, it is nice to have solar backup power to rely upon if the power goes out for any length of time. 

There are amazing tax incentives currently in place to top the going solar benefits off. For example, right now and through the end of 2022, homeowners can deduct 26% of the solar project’s cost from their taxes! So the average Florida homeowner saves around $7,000! And the final consideration about going solar is that it will increase the property’s resale value, in some cases, by more than $20,000.

For homeowners in the south Florida region that are serious about going solar, be sure to check out the Hollywood Solar Pros; they can connect homeowners to the top-rated solar energy companies in the area. Free estimates and proposals are offered for all new projects. 

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