Injury Caused Due To Oilfield Equipment Failure– What Are Your Rights?

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Working in the oil and gas industry is undoubtedly dangerous. Since the chances of injury and death are much greater in such industries, The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has established various safety rules and regulations that every employer and employee must adhere to. These rules address how equipment should be handled, among other things. 

Various kinds of heavy machinery are used, such as derricks, cranes, drilling rigs, loaders, blowers, and steam boilers. Employers should adequately train their workers to operate such machines as well as keep a regular check on whether these machines work properly. Negligence often leads to equipment failure and injuries. If you were injured, speak to a Texas oilfield accident lawyer today. 

How does an equipment failure happen at an oil field workplace?

Indeed, the makers of the oilfield industry make loads of money from the work they do. Therefore, there is no doubt that they have enough money to keep a check on their equipment and repair it if anything seems broken. There are hundreds of pieces of equipment that workers operate every day, and injuries can happen if anything breaks down in the middle of work. 

The safety of the oil field workers can only be ensured when the machines they work with are in perfect working condition. Unfortunately, oil field employers are often negligent, and injuries caused by machine failure are not uncommon. 

Equipment failure can occur due to a number of factors, including the following: 

  • Improper use
  • Welding defects
  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Corrosion
  • Overstress
  • Metal fatigue
  • Inadequate maintenance

Injuries to oil field workers can be fatal and inflict life-long consequences. Workers might get struck in the head, fall from heights or get a limb injury due to equipment failure. These types of injuries are called catastrophic injuries because the results are often permanent and life-threatening. 

Tips for preventing injury 

  • Communicate the hazards
  • Have a plan for contractor safety and training
  • Know the hazards
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Establish ways to protect workers
  • Train workers

Who is liable for oil industry equipment failures?

Various safety regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of the oil industry workers and avoid unnecessary accidents. Still, equipment failure accidents happen because of negligence, where the responsible parties should be held liable for the victim’s injuries. Failing to follow the safety rules, keep a maintenance check on machines, and adequately train the staff can result in devastating injuries. Speak to an attorney in Texas today. 

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