Tips to Follow while Trading in Your Used Car

Tips to Follow while Trading in Your Used Car

The number of used or pre-owned cars being sold across the US is growing by the year. If press reports and the stats arrived up by market research and business intelligence agencies are to be believed, there were nearabout 35 million used cars sold across the US in the year 2010 alone. The numbers steadily grew over the last few years and its estimated that over 42 million used car sales have taken place in the first-half of 2018 alone. You might be eyeing that latest model of your favorite car or SUV at new and used Jeep dealer Bridgman or wanting to upgrade from your existing ride to something more contemporary, or simply wanting to trade in your used vehicle to use the money for some other purpose. Whatever the reason, we have summarized a few tips to follow while trading in your used car.

Better the condition, better the resale value

It is obvious that cars which look and work better, sell easier. You might want to spend a few bucks to clean up your car, both inside and out, and even spare some to cover up those scratches and chips before you go into trade your used car as this can make quite a difference to the price you are offered. Cleaning up the inside of the vehicle is equally important to remove all the dust, scratches and odors. Further, buyers might go into intricate details such as the engine condition and performance so this this one area you might want to double check. It doesn’t hurt to get some technician to take a check on the engine and fine tune it so that there are no glitches when you are showing off your vehicle at that sale. Tires are not to be neglected too, though there is not much one can such as replacing all of them before a sale might offset that profit you are looking at.

Make sure all papers are in place

It’s a fact that vehicles with proven ownership, complete insurance papers and all the required paperwork in place sell faster. There are people who love the takeover vehicles that are at the end of their lease at lower values. If there is still some lease pending on your vehicle, the related papers might be mandatory to transfer the lease to the next party. Some paper work you might want to consider having handy are, the Warranty Documents, Insurance Documents, original lease or purchase documents, a simple agreement or contract that lists out mutually agreeable conditions of the sale – often called the sale-title, the bill of sale, and finally copies of bills you might have incurred for servicing and maintenance of the vehicle.

Direct Sale vs Trading-in

Both have their own nuances. Things can be different when you want to complete a sale of your used vehicle all by yourself in comparison to taking the assistance of your dealer to trade-in your used vehicle for a new one. When you are on your own, you need to take care of all the paperwork and there could be a wait time before someone comes knocking. This is where trading-in your used vehicle with a new Jeep dealer near me could come in handy. The dealers usually take over the lease from you and take over your used vehicle while you drive out with your new baby.

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