Windshield Replacement vs Repair – What do you need?

Windshield Replacement vs Repair – What do you need?

A decade ago, cracks and chips on the windshield of your car could not be repaired—the only solution was replacement. However, the advanced technology allows windshield repair easily and efficiently. Despite the possibility, we are often confused by the question—should we repair or go for windshield replacement in case the need arrives?

To answer that question correctly, it is important to understand the difference between the two and to also investigate what types of cracks and chips can be repaired. Here are the factors you must consider before taking a decision:

  1. Insurance

In case you have comprehensive insurance, there is no need to go for repair. The best thing, then, is to replace the windshield entirely, without compromising on anything. As the insurance will cover everything, it is a good idea to get rid of the damage completely. However, you must also check the circumstances under which you are allowed a claim, in case the windshield has been damaged.

  1. Type of crack

If the chip or crack is small, professional auto windshield repair technicians can prevent it from spreading and help mask the damage without removing the glass completely. For example, bull’s eye and partial bull’s-eye, which are circular and semi-circular chips caused by circular objects, can be repaired easily. 

Small chips branching from the point of impact, also known as a star break, are also repairable. Chips smaller than a regular coin can also be repaired. On the other hand, multiple chips (more than 3 in number) on the windshield are more difficult to repair and might warrant replacement. As far as cracks are concerned, anything longer than 5-6 or emanating from the edges is irreparable. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult a professional company like Windshield Experts about the type of damage and consider their professional opinion before taking a decision. 

  1. Location of the damage

Sometimes, even if the damage is small, it is not always a good idea to repair it. Damage in the line of sight of the damage must not be repaired because, even though the integrity of the glass is restored, the damaged area distorts vision. 

While analysing the damage, technicians consider these factors and suggest a solution accordingly. Additionally, the cracks emanating from the edges of the windshield compromise the integrity of the glass; it may incur more damage if not replaced immediately.

Here are some of the cracks that cannot and should be replaced:

  • Cracks on the inner side of the windshield
  • Cracks on both the layers of glass
  • Crack on the rain sensor
  • Multiple cracks 
  • Cracks longer than 5-6 inches 
  • Cracks on the edge or near the edge of the windshield  
  1. Safety

More often than not, it is advised to replace the windshield when it is damaged. Even though it is more expensive, it ensures safety and makes sure that the damage doesn’t not expand. It is best to consult good auto service centres like Windshield Experts. Reputable centres, with the help of their expert technicians, determine the best solution. 

To summarise, the possibility or repair or a need for replacement depends on the extent of the damage. To avoid replacement or repair altogether, maintain the car glass and look up ways to avoid damage to the car windshield.

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